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BAM is at its core an international consultancy agency based in Germany. We tie together many institutions to help make processes for our clients easier.

We work with real estate companies, insurance agencies, brokers, diplomatic departments, universities, and even investment groups to make the sometimes tedious transitions flow smoothly in both directions.

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  • Universities

See your students make a smooth transition to Germany. Most issues with visa processing procedures and transitions to Germany are caused by a lack of intimate knowledge of the basics, i.e. blocked bank accounts & visa applications. With the intimate knowledge and institutional experience of BAM you can assure your students arrive on time for the semester start concentrated on their studies ahead.


  • Insurance agencies

Instead of spending time marketing and chasing down new leads, make a direct connection to your clients through us. Student-residents are eager, and required by law, to acquire health and/or liability coverages, therefore help us to streamline the process and serve your customers better.


  • Diplomatic agencies

The easiest way to help your constituents have a seamless transition to a new foreign country is to partner with a company that has experience doing it. Most people who are in a difficult situation abroad reach out to consular services that may not be well equipped to deal with such issues. Having a broad, but well-planned strategy from the start can help create a more efficient process and lead to less emergency phone calls from upset expats.


  • Real estate companies

Working in the foreign student market can be, frankly, a risky venture. Students can be and typically are unaccustomed to standard practices i.e. security deposits, handling of repairs, etc., and communication can be difficult. Because of our work primarily in this sector, we have the tools to help you take on project level occupancy deals without the risk of mismanagement on account of the aforementioned problems.

Meet The Partners

BAM! helps all students not only reach, but exceed their goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits every student. This collaboration is essential for a successful transition. Learn about some of our projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.



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